Malibu Jack's Indoor Theme Park

There's fun for all ages at Malibu Jack's. Enjoy rides, games, go karts, laser tag, miniature golf, arcade games and other activities. All you have to do is add money to a Play Card and swipe your card at each game or ride. You earn tickets while playing games and can trade them in for fun prizes before you leave. There are a variety of special offers and "bonus bucks" you can use as well.

Malibu Jack's Indoor Theme Park at Camp Landing. Kentucky

Newly Renovated Theater & Restaurant

Watch the latest movies at this independent theater that will include new modern amenities. The restaurant area is being revamped as well. This movie theater will offer a variety of food options and you can even enjoy a beer while watching your movie.

Farmer's Market

The Market at Camp Landing would be use as a traditional farmers market on certain days but will also be utilized as a venue for wine tastings, wedding receptions, and other venue uses. It will also be used for special events through the distillery.

The Market at Camp Landing, Kentucky
Cedar Knoll Sportsplex at Camp Landing, Kentucky

Cedar Knoll Sportsplex

The indoor sportsplex will be 125,000 sq. ft. and will offer year-round volleyball, basketball, wrestling, pickleball and opportunity for other sports. There would be multiple tournaments throughout the year, that will create a steady stream of visitors to the facility and make a massive impact on our local economy.

The Commons

With shops, dining, and patio seating, this area will be a great place to get together with friends. Nestled in between the new convention center and Malibu Jack’s, this space provides a great spot for locals and visitors alike to socialize.

The Commons at Camp Landing, Kentucky

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